Future of Software Engineering

FOSE Track Chairs

Matthew Dwyer
James Herbsleb

ICSE 2014 features a "Future of Software Engineering" track, which provides delegates with a unique opportunity to assess the current status of software engineering and to indicate where the field is heading in the future. An international group of leading experts has been invited to report on different topics, to provide a broad and in-depth view of the evolution of the field.

In the past, these sessions have been highly attended, often with standing room only. These papers are often among the most highly-cited in the conference.

This year, we will have three types of talks. The first will be what we are calling travelogues. We have asked authors of the most highly-cited roadmaps from the Future track of 2000 to prepare a sort of travelogue, in which they reflect on the directions the field has taken in the last 14 years, and to expose new opportunities and future directions.

We are also introducing connections in which we seek to explore and to foster connections with allied fields, reflecting the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of software engineering.

Finally, we have an outstanding set of new roadmaps, where authors will provide a broad overview and in-depth assessment of where the field is headed.

June 4, 2014
Future of Software Engineering 1

10:30-11am Software Process
Alfonso Fuggetta and Elisabetta Di Nitto
11-11:30am Software Engineering for Mobility: Reflecting on the Past, Peering into the Future
Gian Pietro Picco, Christine Julien, Amy Murphy, Mirco Musolesi, Gruia-Catalin Roman
11:30am-Noon Software Architecture: A Travelogue
David Garlan
Noon-12:30pm Software Services: A Research Roadmap
Satish Chandra, Vibha Sinha, Saurabh Sinha, and Krishna Ratakonda

June 4, 2014
Future of Software Engineering 2

2-2:30pm Software Traceability: Trends and Future Directions
Jane Cleland-Huang, Olly Gotel, Jane Huffman Hayes, Patrick Mader, and Andrea Zisman
2:30-3pm Software Product Line Engineering and Variability Management: Achievements and Challenges
Andreas Metzger and Klaus Pohl
3-3:30pm Engineering Big Data Solutions
Audris Mockus

June 4, 2014
Future of Software Engineering 3

4:30-5pm The (R)Evolution of Social Media in Software Engineering
Margaret-Anne Storey, Leif Singer, Brendan Cleary, Fernando Figueira, and Alexey Zagalsky
5-5:30pm Software Testing: A Research Travelogue
Gregg Rothermel and Alex Orso
5:30-6pm Software Evolution and Maintenance
Vaclav Rajlich

June 6, 2014
Future of Software Engineering 4

10:30-11am How Programming Languages Will Co-Evolve With Software Engineering : A Bright Decade Ahead
Emerson Murphy-Hill and Dan Grossman
11-11:30am Software Engineering and Automated Deduction
Willem Visser, Nikolaj Bjorner, and Natarajan Shankar
11:30am-Noon Probabilistic Programming
Andrew Gordon, Thomas Henzinger, Aditya Nori, and Sriram Rajamani

June 6, 2014
Future of Software Engineering 5

2-2:30pm Certifiably Safe Software-dependent Systems: Challenges and Directions
John Hatcliff, Alan Wassyng, Tim Kelly, Cyrille Comar, and Paul Jones
2:30-3pm Future of End-User Software Engineering: Beyond the Silos
Margaret Burnett and Brad Myers
3-3:30pm The Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs and Their Relevance to Software Engineering
Kalakrisnan, Kevin Sullivan, Douglas Schmidt, Douglas Fisher, and Adam Porter