NIER Session

Testing and Evolution
June 4th, Wednesday, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Session Chair: Benoit Baudry
Room: MR 1.03 & MR 1.04

Metamorphic Fault Tolerance: An Automated and Systematic Methodology for Fault Tolerance in the Absence of Test Oracle
Huai Liu, Iman I. Yusuf, Heinz W. Schmidt, and Tsong Yueh Chen
RMIT University, Australia; Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Software Bug Localization with Markov Logic
Sai Zhang and Congle Zhang
University of Washington, USA
Steering Model-Based Oracles to Admit Real Program Behaviors
Gregory Gay, Sanjai Rayadurgam, and Mats P. E. Heimdahl
University of Minnesota, USA
Shadow Symbolic Execution for Better Testing of Evolving Software
Cristian Cadar and Hristina Palikareva
Imperial College London, UK
Leveraging P2P Networks to Address the Test Scenario Explosion Problem
Mark Micallef, Conrad Attard, Andrea Mangion, and Sebastian Attard
University of Malta, Malta
A Framework to Advise Tests using Tests
Yurong Wang, Suzette Person, Sebastian Elbaum, and Matthew B. Dwyer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA; NASA Langley Research Center, USA