NIER Session

Learning and Mining
June 5th, Thursday, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Session Chair: Emerson Murphy-Hill
Room: MR 1.03 & MR 1.04

Automatic Search Term Identification for Change Tasks
Katja Kevic and Thomas Fritz
University of Zurich, Switzerland
An Automated Approach to Detect Violations with High Confidence in Incremental Code using a Learning System
Radhika D. Venkatasubramanyam and Shrinath Gupta
Siemens, India
A Novel Quantitative Evaluation Approach for Software Project Schedules using Statistical Model Checking
Dehui Du, Mingsong Chen, Xiao Liu, and Yun Yang
East China Normal University, China; Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Reusable Execution Replay: Execution Record and Replay for Source Code Reuse
Ameer Armaly, Casey Ferris, and Collin McMillan
University of Notre Dame, USA
Mining Precise Performance-Aware Behavioral Models from Existing Instrumentation
Tony Ohmann, Kevin Thai, Ivan Beschastnikh, and Yuriy Brun
University of Massachusetts, USA; Facebook, USA; University of British Columbia, Canada
Writing Bidirectional Model Transformations as Intentional Updates
Tao Zan, Hugo Pacheco, and Zhenjiang Hu
Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan; National Institute of Informatics, Japan