Formal Demonstrations Session

Automated Programming Support
Session Chair : Andrew Begel
June 5th, Thursday, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Room: MR G.01 & MR G.02 & MR G.03

ImpactMiner: A Tool for Change Impact Analysis
Bogdan Dit, Michael Wagner, Shasha Wen, Weilin Wang, Mario Linares-Vásquez, Denys Poshyvanyk, and Huzefa Kagdi
College of William and Mary, USA; Wichita State University, USA
Migrating Code with Statistical Machine Translation
Anh Tuan Nguyen, Tung Thanh Nguyen, and Tien N. Nguyen
Iowa State University, USA; Utah State University, USA
LTSA-PCA: Tool Support for Compositional Reliability Analysis
Pedro Rodrigues, Emil Lupu, and Jeff Kramer
Imperial College London, UK
DASHboards: Enhancing Developer Situational Awareness
Oleksii Kononenko, Olga Baysal, Reid Holmes, and Michael W. Godfrey
University of Waterloo, Canada
Product Assignment Recommender
Jialiang Xie, Qimu Zheng, Minghui Zhou, and Audris Mockus
Peking University, China; Avaya Labs Research, USA
Verily: A Web Framework for Creating More Reasonable Web Applications
John L. Singleton and Gary T. Leavens
University of Central Florida, USA
VeriWS: A Tool for Verification of Combined Functional and Non-functional Requirements of Web Service Composition
Manman Chen, Tian Huat Tan, Jun Sun, Yang Liu, and Jin Song Dong
National University of Singapore, Singapore; Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore